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WebGL in action

This is my first foray into WebGL, the Hotdog Field Simulator.

Inspired by the javascript star field simulator of the 1990s. I used Blender to create a 3D model, exported it as a JSON file. Then used ThreeJS as the webGL engine. It has support for importing these JSON 3D model files. The rest was javascript.

About Hotdog Systems

This is a general space for my hobby projects. Just because, they will all have a hotdog related theme or branding. My main (incomplete) site can be found at Although if I am honest, is probably my real main site.

Currently I am working on my first WebGL project above. I have bigger plans for webGL and javascript webapps. On a slightly unrelated note, in the future I hope to have a line of stand-alone digital electronic music box instruments. I guess they will have a hotdog theme also :-)

Stay tuned...